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Allison has engaged audiences from Harvard University, corporates, women’s groups, athletes, Politicians, church groups and internet marketing seminars around the world. Her life as an elite athlete and winning 4 world championship titles in windsurfing and just missing out on 4 Olympics cam with very high highs and very low lows. Allison’s triumph through adversary, sleeping in her car for 10 months of the year to compete makes for an entertaining keynote.  Her “Riding the waves to success” talk will have you laughing and crying as she shows you how to be successful, despite what life throws at you. To learn more about Allison’s Windsurfing career CLICK HERE.


Allison has successfully run over 300 social media and marketing seminars.  Her Global Traffic Seminar standing out as the must attend event as 100% of all attendees have made money in the room, and over 90% for the first time.  Allison trains ten’s of thousands of students and clients globally through webinars, membership programs, seminars and 1:1 coaching and done for you services.  “Marketing has nothing to do with you.. it has everything to do with your customer!”  Allison can show you not only how to reach your perfect customer, but how to engage and sell them into your products and services.


Allison’s strategies for not just her own businesses but also her clients have generated million’s of dollars worth of revenue in online sales.  She has a unique ability to see opportunities to make money online as well as leveraging existing or others assets.  Her social media strategies will show you how to get FREE traffic to your websites and affiliate links as well as how to maximize profits for your business.  Even if you’re starting out online, she can show you how to make money out of nothing! For a 1:1 Strategy Session connect with her on Skype: allisonaus911.

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You can see Allison Shreeve live at one of her many training events.  She offers them for free around Australia and wants you to join her!  Check out the current schedule by clicking below.

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Get unique social media marketing strategies that will convert more leads and sales through your social media channels.

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A strategy created by Allison is really like the master plan for your life.  It is a build-able layout that plans for your business’s growth and success

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Month to month if you follow Allison’s plan for your business, you will see continued growth

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Do you need a champion mindset, take it from Allison, that when you get a mindset of a winner you win!
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